WooHoo - Surtex 2017!

I'm delighted to let you know that I am exhibiting at Surtex 2017, with the fabulous Finch and Foxglove Collective. I'm thrilled to be part of such a talented and diverse group of artists!

In New York I've got lots of new design goodies to show. If you're attending to show, do stop by our Booth, 3026, for a warm welcome a peek at the new collections. It's going to be fabulous!

I really hope to meet you. 

Bryony x

Back in the Studio

It's great to be back in the studio again. I've had a rather extended break, due to my daughter's ill health, so it is good news for us all that she is doing well and I am able to get back to art-making. I'm currently being inspired by all things summer after a trip to Italy and the heatwave that we have in the UK today. I hope you are all enjoying the holidays, wherever you are!



Exciting News - I'm going to Surtex!

So something rather exciting has been happening lately. Back in the Spring, I attended the Global Art Gathering with fab agent Lilla Rogers in Brighton. It was a totally inspiring and informative day, with artists and illustrators from all over the world gathering to talk about the business of art. I met some beautifully talented ladies there, all with the same goal of getting their work out to art directors and buyers and seeing it appear on product in stores all over the world. 

Diary on 6 months and a group of us have formed an Artists Collective, with the aim of showing our work together and representing ourselves in the global art market that is Surtex New York, taking place in May 2016. This is such an exciting development and I'm thrilled to be part of the group. Over the next few weeks we will be finalising the look for our new group and launching our website, Instagram page and pinterest group. 

And I can reveal the name of our new collective - Finch & Foxglove! 

Here's our fantastic new logo designed by F&F member Lisa Kirkbride - isn't it fabulous!

Global Talent Search

So all of this week I've been working on a piece for Lila Rogers Global Talent Search. The brief was to design for a textile design for a pair of sneakers for a very cool Brooklyn girl named Antoinette. I decided to go with drawing some very pretty birdies. flying amongst the clouds and stars. I have been working in my usual collage-y style and then scanned and added to the images in photoshop. This is the final image.

MATS Bootcamp - Digital Nomad project

So I'm currently working on the Make Art That Sells Bootcamp course with Lilla Rogers. This month's assignment was to design an illustration along the theme of digital nomads. Along the way, I drew this little guy and like him as a stand alone design. 


Hi - Welcome to my new blog. I hope to be able to give you a peak into a corner of my illustration world - I hope you enjoy. Here's a little bear having a celebration that I drew a while ago and I thought he was suitable for a launch post!